Apple: Main Goal - Security

As one of the biggest technology giants, besides innovation, Apple’s main goal for user experience is the security of customer data. Apple's platforms got designed around security core, and their security system gets adjusted for every device. Apple's mobiles, desktops, tablets, and mobiles get structured with the highest level of security in hardware and software manufacture. Software security keeps operating systems, and third-party apps protected the whole time. The developed mechanism enables secure and timely software updates, power in the device, and a protected method for downloading and running applications. This year Apple took one step forward with purchasing their servers.


Safari Security

One of the main reasons for constant security development is secure web browsing and data usage on the Internet. For example, according to statistics, 63% of shopping is done online. On Apple's web browser - Safari, you can adjust protection to be secure while surfing. In addition, Apple has many features that protect your privacy. For example, safari uses Google's Safe Browsing Update API to encrypt the full URL with a 32-bit prefix. As a result, Google will never know which site you want to visit and could not collect your data.


Web browsing requires a proactive way of using when talking about security, as attackers can make it seem alright. Numerous platforms can have security problems, especially in gaming. Recent cyberattacks in the igaming industry showed that there’s never enough caution from the user's side. While some jackpot casino websites do have a level of their security, it’s always good to have another layer of protection in the form of antimalware software or browser that’s natively beefed up with security features.


A quick tip on that: how to check if your browsing protection is on. Open Safari browser and a select tab called Preferences. After that, open the Extensions tab and find Browsing protection and see if it is enabled.

Since this year, Apple has been using iOS 14.5. In addition, they use Apple servers to limit the information that Google is obtaining from Apple's users.

How Does it Work?

When an Apple user surfs through the Safari browser, the database provides a list of suspected websites from Google. If URL is on Google's list of malware sites, users will get a warning. Message about a security issue with that particular website. With proxying through their servers, Apple limits the risk of information leaks.


App Tracking Transparency is another Apple feature. With this addition, every app will need to ask the user for permission before tracking devices through third-party applications and websites a user visits through the web browser.

Smart Search field in Safari web browser will show you if the website you are looking for is encrypted. Look for the encrypted icon in that field. An icon will show you if the website is using HTTPS protocol. Websites that use encryption hide the data user exchanges with them. When shared data is encrypted other websites and apps cannot see it.


If you use Apple devices, follow these simple steps and see if your web browser is secured. For example, online banking, shopping, movie, book, and gaming subscriptions need payment information and using Safari Smart technology while surfing will secure your personal information.

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