How Can Ottawa Boost its Tourism Numbers?

Canada has been recording a massive increase in its tourism sector in the last couple of years. After all, there are many places to visit in this country. The politeness and hospitality of the people have a major influence on all those looking into Canada as their next tourist destination.

Ottawa has recently been one of the most popular tourist destinations, but there are still things that the city can do to boost the tourist numbers. After all, there are tons of benefits that come with investing in this sector. Here are some tips on how Ottawa can boost its tourism.


People are always fond of visiting entertainment centers and have fun. The good thing about Ottawa is that there are tons of places like this and there are numerous things you can do. Trampoline parks, arcades, archery game centers, axe throwing centers and even casinos are among the most popular high-adrenaline things that Ottawa offers.

Speaking of casinos, people here can access the sites whenever and wherever they can. Canadian online casino industry can undoubtedly add value to the tourism sector. Many tourists are fond of casino games, and they are visiting some destinations for the sole purpose of having the best casino experience, so why not attract them as well?

Increase the Marketing

Marketing lies at the heart of every product/service that needs to gain recognition and make people engage with it. The same applies to tourism in Ottawa. Now, we are not talking about the traditional advertising style, like billboards, TV commercials, or handing out flyers.

We are talking about digital marketing. This type of advertising has proven to be a cost-effective solution. By using digital marketing, it is extremely easy to reach a global audience and target the specific people that would be interested. Not only that, but with digital marketing, the results are easy to measure; hence you will have a clear view of your advantages and disadvantages.

Social media is the number one spot for digital marketing as these platforms have effective cookie policies that determine their users' preferences, thus making it easy to target the desired audience. The better the marketing is, the better the outcome will be, which is an increase in tourists in Ottawa.

Create a Specialized Website Dedicated to Tourism

Research has shown that owning a dedicated website is now essential. The higher your online presence will be, the more people you will reach and even make the aforementioned digital marketing process more effective.

Creating a specialized and official Ottawa website dedicated to its biggest tourist attractions, places to stay, special packages will significantly impact and increase the number of tourists in the city. Placing special discount coupons to stores, hotels, etc., is also a good idea. Tourism is a business that needs to be run successfully, and every business needs a website as it makes it look more professional and increases the impact.

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