Xbox 360 Puzzle Games

Mainly published for Microsoft's sophomore home console puzzlers, Xbox 360 has a plethora of games that it offers. Some have different stages where a player can explore the play field. Xbox has a whole lot of superb puzzle games that give a superb experience. Let us have a look at the best puzzle games available on Xbox.


It is a fun and delightful game that has managed to receive a port at Xbox 360. How does the gameplay have? Well, a player or a gamer has to make use of the rectangles with each corner.

The rectangles that appear to be of the same color should be strategically positioned to create tiles. Yes, puzzles might appear easy but Yosumin is a tricky one. The better part of the attempt is when you are looking for matching rectangle boxes, that's where most of your time and thought is consumed. The game follows a stage completion. You can expect a similar game at sites like best australian online casino.

Bust-A-Move Live!

This is another Xbox specialty which carries a fair share of fun and delight just like Yosumin. Its serviceable game altogether which turns to be addictive at some time. Though it is gun and all that, some have assessed its strength looking at the predecessors, it seems as if game engineers had a shift of features. Bub and Bob are the bubbles blowers.


Uniqueness is key in gaming and luckily for puzzle lovers, this game offers the correct uniqueness that is there for the taking. All you have to do is to slap different shapes so as to create some rectangles. You won’t find this game at new usa online casinos, however, you can try old online casinos.

These rectangles are perfectly placed in a 3 by 3 formation. Make sure that you continue playing, on and on until the play field has been filled up. Yes, it might sound easy but it is quite mountainous. Just like the Lumines, there is also a timer that acts as a good soundtrack system to back up the whole puzzling.

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