Top video game stories so far

Game storylines are there to either impact negatively or positively the society at large. There are many techniques that are taken into account when engineers are coming up with storylines. There is a lot that has to be done when coming up with a storyline. Sometimes they have to engineer reality. Some storylines are a taste of a fantasy or an outer galactic theme. Now, let's take a look at the best storylines that have taken the video game by storm.

Square Enix

This is a 1994 release that is available on platforms like SNES, PSOne and Game Boy Advance. You can also find it on Android and iOS software. It's all about an illusionary spectrum that is based on the end of magic. Better known for its big casts.

From characters that propel the theme forward, quests for hidden treasure and the sacrifice you have to make in order to conquer all. Take time to feel the savagery of Kefka, a dating villain that has hatred written all over. This is a fantasy and players should be prepared for something unreal and truly exceptional. There’s also a similar casino video game and you can check out bestaucasinosites online casino for more information.

Infinity Ward

This is a Call of duty special released in 2007. It is found on platforms like PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. It is actually a derivative from the real world, a delve in modern warfare.

One of the best war games available on the market. Russian Federation is part and parcel of the game story, they are at the core of a nuclear weaponry which has unsettled some Ultra nationalists. It's all fulfilling the game plays and experiencing a new start altogether just like some online casinos.

Toby Fox

This is a 2015 release that can be found on Linux, Mac, PS Vita and PS4. It is a weird game that appears to be an undertale. The story line is strange with unreal features.

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