Oddly Hot Video Game Villains

A bad guy is needed in every video game. Just like the Resident Evil Village, an evil appealing character is always key. Everybody likes a bad character with a sexy flare. A Hot and sizzling edge.  Here are the most weirdly hot video game villains that are topping the charts.

The Development Timeline of Ocarina of Time

This is a character taken from part 1 of the development timeline of Ocarina of time. Tira is part and parcel of the villain list because she has some clear cut features that are lovely but oddly at the same time. There is some sort of familiarity with the Soulcalibur girls, but still she is purely odd. She is spontaneous, unlike the common notion that some appear more appealing in rags.

Meredith from Dragon Age 2

She is an antagonist, the main point of focus in the game Dragon Age 2. She holds her sword and looks daringly beautiful.  Meredith has a lust flare infused in her character as she is part and parcel of Templars in Kirkwall. At some best online casino Australia sites, there is a similar casino video game.

She is a character gamers do not want to temper around with, she is the Linda Rousey of the gaming world. She has a mature edge that grabs the atmosphere of the game altogether.

Benny from Fallout: New Vegas

It has a retro push back to it. You feel like you have gone back to 1950's fall of the city of Las Vegas by the ring a ding. This retro edge has a magnitude of grabbing your attention and totally forgetting that you are shooting.

Unlike at the best high roller online casino sites where you go all out to win the game, in this game, all you have to do is to keep him alive and see the extremes of his seductiveness, wonderful if it is being played by the opposite sex.  Take note; hos seductions are couples with back stabbing, he is there to turn on you but it is difficult to apprehend because he has mastered his abilities.

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