Some ideas on what to do with an old Android tablet

When it comes to hand-held devices, tablets are uniquely designed for entertainment purposes and long hours of use. Their large screens and good resolution make them a very powerful tool for work, browsing, playing online games such as free slots, or even reading. With so many different Android tablets available on the market, and new models being launched every couple of months, here are some ideas of how you can use your old device if you’re thinking of replacing it.

Up your home office game

An old tablet can be a great addition to your home office by improving your productivity, organising your schedule, or simply making your office a more comfortable workspace.

The large resolution can make it a great second screen when linked to your monitor or laptop, especially if you’re working on presentations, working with large numbers, or editing videos. It can also be used as a replacement for your keyboard or mouse by installing specific Apps that transform the tablet into a wireless tacking pad.

Another great option for your old Android tablet is to use it as a personal desk organiser – you can set it up as a digital calendar, memo pad, or address book, and then sync it to your smartphone so you have access to all your information remotely. You can pair your tablet with speakers and enjoy your favourite playlists, listen to the radio, or follow a podcast or audiobook while you work. You could also use it as a distraction during long conference calls by enjoying your favourite online slots for real money!

Start automating your home

As our homes are becoming increasingly more digital, an old Android tablet is a great first step towards automating different aspects of your house.  Such devices can easily be repurposed as a universal smart control with the right applications, allowing you to control smart devices and ambient technology such as lights and air conditioning.

With the help of your tablet’s camera and a simple App that syncs your tablet to your smartphone, you can use your old tablet as a security camera. This is a useful way of seeing what your pet or kids are up to while you’re out running errands.

If you fancy yourself as being a home cook, an old Android device can make a great assistant in the kitchen. Use it to look up recipes, listen to music while you cook, or even browse the internet if you’re searching for specific ingredients or ideas to make your dishes better.

Pay it forward

Just because you may not be able to find a good use for your old Android tablet, it doesn’t mean that you cannot put it to good use. Such devices are essentially mini-computers, so their computing power can be used for scientific research in fields such as cancer research or seismology with your local universities.

If this may be too much of an abstract use, you can donate your old tablet to a local school or community centre so that it can be used for education or artistic purposes.

There are countless different ways in which you can put your old Android tablet to good use – it’s much better than leaving it tucked away in your desk!

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