9 interesting facts about online casinos

The first more or less functioning online casino appeared in 1997. It was at this time that the industry of gambling on the Internet began. In spite of the fact that the Internet appeared long before that time, it wasn't widespread among a large number of people, and that was the main obstacle for the creation of such services. In addition, the technology of the time did not allow to create a beautiful and attractive interface, which can be found today at newest online casino in Canada.

In 1995, the first online gaming sites appeared and this gave a big boost to the industry and 2 years later, online casino owners entered the market. After the launch of the first project, dozens of other casinos soon appeared, as the internet audience took the possibility of gambling games with great enthusiasm. At the moment, the online casino industry has not ceased to develop not only in US and Canada but worldwide as well, and is rapidly gaining momentum, forcing out of the market traditional casinos. So, here is top nine interesting facts about online casinos worldwide:

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  1. 1. Most of the active players at online casinos are people in their 30s and 40s. As a rule, young people do not take the risk of playing casino slots online and prefer bookmaker's offices, while the mature audience wants more risk in gambling games.

  2. 2. The biggest win in the history of online casinos is the prize of a newcomer from Finland. A young guy decided to try all the delights of gambling and won 18 million euros in just 30 minutes of play.

  3. 3. Most of the profits which online casinos receive provided by lotteries, and only 40-45% are slots and other gambling games.

  4. 4. The most attractive place for registration of online casinos is Cyprus. Because of the low taxes in the country, many operators actively register their casinos. In total, the state receives from the online casino industry about 2.5 million euros of taxes per year.

  5. 5. Most of the active US and Canadian players at online casinos play poker. The point is that unlike slots, poker is an intellectual game that requires a lot of skills and knowledge. This is the reason for the great popularity of this game among online casino users.

  6. 6. Most online casinos allow their players to try playing without making a deposit. Today, a large number of players are interested in the process of the game itself, rather than the cash prizes. For such players was created the opportunity to play without making a real deposit. In addition, this allows the player to realize whether he likes to play in this institution, or not. If the player is satisfied, he makes a deposit and starts to play for real money.

  7. 7. Players at online casinos tend to feel much better, and less tired than players at real casinos. The fact is that the relaxed home atmosphere makes the process of playing more attractive and relaxed. In addition, the player does not need to go anywhere that would play your favorite games of chance. All you need for this - a computer with the Internet and the desire to play.

  8. 8. In most countries there are age restrictions on the game at online casinos. In some countries, even teenagers can play, while in other countries only people over the age of 21 can play gambling on the Internet.

  9. 9. Despite the relatively small proportion of women among online casino players, their number is increasing rapidly. Today, the share of female audience among players has reached 16% and continues to grow. According to analysts, by 2025, the percentage of women players at online casinos will reach 25-30%, and by 2040 will exceed the mark of 45%.
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