Datingbusters: Are, Scams?

We all know that the internet is full of wonderful information and also a lot of scams and nonsense. We uncover some dubious issues that make us question

If you visit the site you'll find a long list of articles that appear to have been published for purely altruistic purposes. In these articles the unnamed site admin (who have only an email address as contact details) piles into a long list of dating sites including established ones like Xcheaters and Tinder. The main claim is that the sites they review are full of 'fake profiles' that have been placed on the site to lure the unsuspecting.

But what's the reality? In the comments forum, at least two users of / object to the 'scam' charges, stating that they have met women as advertised and enjoy the site. Needless to say, the generally courteous site admin gets ugly as soon as they're contradicted. One of the commentators was accused of being a liar simply because he is writing from a Bangladesh-based IP address. One has to wonder what that has to do with the uncovering of a 'scam'.

Another curious fact about the website is the list of 'genuine' websites. There are only two entries compared to the long list of so-called scam sites and dating busters very kindly provide you with a direct link to each of the two sites.

Neither of them is particularly well known and one has to wonder why two obscure dating sites should be listed as the only 'genuine' ones in the business. Is blackmailing sites into paid advertising deals, threatening to 'expose' them if they don't pay up, or possibly is Datingbusters affiliated to two sites listed as "genuine"? Whatever the case may be, it would appear that vested interests are involved.

As we already mentioned, there are absolutely no contact details or addresses for the site admin other than a very generic email address that could literally belong to anyone. Most consumer watchdog bodies are only too eager to get their contact details out there, and no authentic 'watchdog' conceals their country of origin so effectively.

The bottom line? Datingbusters could be a scam and they might even be blackmailers. They unashamedly promote obscure dating sites while trashing more established ones and one has no way of knowing where in the world they might be doing this from.


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