6 Disturbing Facts About Land Based Casinos

When you go to a land based casino whether it’s just local in your area or are making a trip and event of it like going to Las Vegas, what you experience is the side of the casino that’s all about entertainment. Yet behind the scenes there are some scary things that if you knew about them, they might turn you off of going to the casinos altogether. There is a lot that’s not written about casinos and this maybe a conflict of interest at work as casinos rely on newspapers for advertising so would you expect the news to cover negative stories about casinos? Here’s some disturbing facts about casinos that they might prefer you never knew.



Bathroom door hangers are really really low


Ever wonder why the hooks to hold up your coat in the toilet are really low like it was a mistake or maybe not even there at all? Unfortunately this may have been done on purpose and the reason is going to make you feel a little gross about casinos: casinos lowered the hooks to make it very difficult for people to hang themselves in the bathroom. Yep, when players have gambled so much away that they get that depressed and that stressed, some of them have taken their lives this way. When Toronto was looking at opening a casino, some of these dreary facts come to light thanks to some investigative journalism especially by Jonathan Goldsbie whom is one of the few to comment on the casino hooks. In his article title Not Falling For Niagara, he says “This is true of all the washrooms at Fallsview. And there could be any number of wonderful reasons why it might be convenient to have a coat hook in this place, but in my high-strung state of mind it occurs to me that it would be impossible for a person to hang himself from it.”


2. Never a bad story about the casino in the newspapers


You probably never hear about those people that commit suicide at the casino or murders that happen there as well. This is the negative side of the casino that they do not want you to read about. Casinos use newspapers for a source of advertising and as soon as newspapers start to publish these negative stories, they end up cutting off a lucrative marketing partner and so it’s really tough learning about all the negatives about casinos. If you really want this data, you are going to have to dig but the reality is, these casinos don’t want this data to leak out or get published because it makes them look bad, which in turn puts pressure on them to either not lose their license and it makes opening a casino even more difficult. Any casino doesn’t want to spend thousands on advertising when articles detailing the suicides tend to do the opposite.


3. Casinos that give you free alcohol


Casinos know that the more you drink, the more you are likely to gamble more and make worse decisions than when you are sober. Not all casinos give out free alcohol but for the ones that don’t initially, you’ll get these as free comps when the casino knows you are a loyal player and it’s their incentive to get you to come back.


4. Casinos are designed to disorient you


Casinos are all cleverly designed to keep you relaxed but entertained. If you see a lot of bright and shiny lights, this is the impression that people are winning around you when they are not. The dim lights give you a feeling of comfort of being at home. Casinos are also maze like to make it difficult to escape. Some casinos are very difficult to get out of and even bathrooms are located deep in the casino rather than closer to an exit.


5. There are no clocks at the casino


Last thing you need to know is that you spent too much time at the casino where more time is more chance to spend money. Of course you could have a watch or check your phone but the casino isn’t going to help you think about the time and thoughts that you should be leaving.


6. Slots have a significantly higher house edge than online slots



You’d think the games offered at land based casinos would be better but it’s completely the opposite. Most online slots have a 4% to 5% house edge or RTP of 95% to 96%. Surprisingly land based casinos have slots that have house edges around 20% or 80% RTP. Playing online slots is definitely the way to go if you are a slots player. At least if you are going to play slots at the local casino, hopefully they give you some free drinks to make up for it.

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