How the gambling games are organized in Canada

Canada is a rather successful, though not the most promoted country for the gambling business in the world. Everything is quite well organized here due to the presence of the established mutual understanding between the state and business, which has long ago found a form of mutually beneficial cooperation. This also applies to gambling games in Canada and the industry associated with it.

Brief History of Gambling Trends in Canada

Historians have noted that even the discoverers of Canada in the fifteenth century noted the great popularity of gambling among the local population. However, for a long time at the suggestion of the British authorities of the empire, everything to do with the money game was under a strict ban. Only at the beginning of the last century government made relief for charity lotteries. And in the 1960s, the government finally realized that a profitable state business could be built on lotteries. The Montreal Olympics was largely financed with that money. Further liberalization of law 10-20 years later led to the opening of the first legal casinos. In 1999, was finally legalized gambling with the transfer of their regulation (with the levy of taxes to the budget) to the provinces.

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Experts believe that the current stage of the gambling business in Canada is quite successful. Over a hundred casinos with almost 2 thousand tables and more than 57 thousand slot machines, 12 horse racing tracks, and curiously, only one bookmaker's office is open and working in Canada. The center of the gambling industry remains in Ontario with its 32 gambling establishments, where almost half of the slot machines are concentrated. Alberta (primarily Edmonton) and Nova Scotia are trying to match the level of the province. Thus, if you take the total population and all the possible gambling establishments, the "coolest" combination is in Quebec - 1 institution per 634 citizens!

There is almost no interest in sports betting in Canada. However, there is widespread special kind of institutions that equipped with special Electronic Gaming Machines (some sort of arcades). As a rule, they are placed at bars or lounges, but also many places are equipped with bingo and slots. Interestingly, several provinces, even Ontario, have banned Internet gaming! But current practice shows that only the involvement of minors is punished. Any other citizen of Canada can play slots at various casino sites such as this one -

Final Word

Even despite the obligation to deduct from the total revenues of entities the prizes paid to customers, clients do not pay tax on winnings, at the end of the year the budget of the country is filled by 13-14 billion dollars, one-third of which is brought by the province of Ontario.

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