5 most popular casino games in North America

Casino doors across North America have been firmly bolted shut for over the past three months due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, thanks to the World Wide Web, and sites like Megalotto, we have all been able to enjoy our favourite casino games from the comfort of our own home! As casinos across the continent begin to reopen their doors, particularly in Las Vegas, it’s worth taking a look at the five most popular casino games in North America!


You simply can’t talk about the five most popular casino games in North America without mentioning Slots. One Arm Bandits have been popular since they were invented by Charles August Fey in San Francisco in 1894. Even when gambling was outlawed, punters would still spin the reels in bars in return for bubble-gum and sweets. Nowadays casino floors are jam-packed with Slots, with the Aria in Vegas boasting a whopping 2,000 machines, whilst online casinos are heavily dominated by the age-old pastime. The video game-esque graphics and game play, along with the massive jackpots, that can often be in excess of $1m, are what attract millions of people to playing Slots worldwide.


Blackjack, which is often referred to as ’21’, rose to fame in Las Vegas in the mid-1900s when gambling was legalised. To attract punters to the green-felted tables, the Sin City casinos introduced a special rule. A hand with either the Jack of spades or clubs, along with the Ace of spades, would pay-out at 10:1 – hence the name Blackjack! However, unsurprisingly, the rule didn’t last long, but at least the name, and the game’s popularity, has stuck!


Roulette is one of the oldest casino games, with its origins dating back to the 18th century. And, whilst the game has barely changed since its invention, it is still one of the most popular with the punters! Generally, if you are playing Roulette in a casino in Europe, the wheel will only have one zero, meaning the house edge is more in your favour at 2.70%. However, if you’re in a casino in North America, the Roulette wheel will have two zeros – increasing the house edge to 5.26%. Although, with the accessibility of online casinos nowadays, you can play all types of Roulette from the comfort of your own home!


It comes as no surprise that Poker makes the list of the five most popular casino games in North America. Texas Hold’em shot to fame in the early 2000s thanks to the introduction of online Poker sites, and Chris Moneymaker’s rise to stardom! Poker was so popular at the time, in fact, that James Bond played it in Casino Royale instead of Baccarat – which he played in the original book. Most casinos will have a dedicated Poker room, where competitions will take place – sometimes several times a day – in private, away from the bustling casino floors. Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, online Poker is on the verge of a second boom, so its popularity could rocket once again!


Despite being scrapped for Poker in Casino Royale, Baccarat is still one of Bond’s favourite casino games, and it’s much loved across the continent too – also attracting more high-rollers than any other game! Again, originating in France, Baccarat is a traditional card game with two hands, the player’s and the dealer’s – similar to Blackjack. The aim is to get the hand as close to nine as possible, with 10s and face cards valued as zero. However, you can bet on either the player’s or dealer’s hand, as well as a tie, with the latter having the best odds. Baccarat is also extremely popular in Macau, whilst it is also largely available live online.


Craps, which is another table game that involves rolling a dice, and sports book are also worth an honourable mention!

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