Online Payments Startup - Get paid by text message

Local Ottawa Entrepreneur launches online payment platform to help businesses get paid online for orders taken over the phone. Through the platform businesses can request payment via text message from customers and get paid instantly.

A large number of customers still prefer to order product or service by phone. Text2pay offers this customer a quick, contactless and secure payment method.

The platform allows users to pay with Apple pay, Samsung pay, Google pay or any credit card which allows for lightning fast payments when the text message is received.

"This will be extremely useful for restaurants that take orders over the phone and want customers to pay online so they can provide contactless delivery"

The money request can be tied to a countdown timer which will provide the customers a timed  payment window. The goal is to allow businesses an easy-to-use platform that is as fast and secure as paying in person.

The platform can also be used by any other business that takes orders over the phone .T2pay makes it very easy to request payments by entering a phone number and an amount.

The sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless at Text2pay.

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