Why Women Should Protect Themselves When Travelling

All travellers including men and women face some kind of risk, but it is the women who are more at risk.

Here is some advice for women to stay safe while travelling.

Be Sure to Choose Safe Transport

Because of some cultures and beliefs, in some of the countries that you may visit, you may get harassed verbally or be sexually assaulted. Avoid public transport if you can, take only licenced taxis or hire a car.

Chances of a robbery may increase if you use unlicensed taxis. Do not alert the driver of the taxi that you are alone, instead, you may tell them someone is waiting for you.

Hitchhiking is dangerous as it can lead to so many crimes being committed against you.

Make Sure You Chose Safe Accommodation

Book your accommodation before you leave your home country, preferably a hotel.

Strangers may take advantage of you while you sleep.  Make sure the hotel or lodge that you chose is safe and secure. Check to see if the locks work, also check if the telephone works. So that in case of an emergency, you can just call authorities.

Alert the police before you enter if you feel that your room has been broken into. Do not tell people where you are staying while you are out, as this will increase your chances of getting robbed. Also make sure that the hotel has Wi-Fi, maybe you want to access johnnykash casino and start playing your favourite games as part of entertainment or you want check latest gambling news.

Research About the Culture Before you Visit a Country

Research about the country’s culture before you travel as this may affect you when you travel. Know what to wear in certain cultures. Also, the language may differ from yours so be sure to find a local trusted guide. Wear average clothing, avoid wearing expensive things because this may attract unwanted company.

Safety Precautions

Do not disclose your travel plans to anyone. For example, you are travelling alone, do not tell anyone that you are travelling alone.

If you meet new people, do not leave them alone with your drink because you may be drugged.

Lastly, play real money casino games while you are travelling, this can provide some entertainment.

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