MLB Players That Now Have Regular Jobs

An end to one career can be the start of another. Often when people retire, they are expected to be home, to rest or travel around the world and not work anymore. But there are some who start a new life, a new journey after the one they were on comes to an end. Some prefer being home playing games for real money at a casino online. We are going to talk about players who after playing baseball for too long they decided to have regular jobs.

Randy Johnson

One of the greatest players of all time, Randy Johnson was a beast on the field. He played baseball for 22 seasons. In those seasons he had countless wins. He was also a World Series Champion with Arizona and he defeated the New York Yankees in 2001. Since he always had a passion for photography he pursued that soon after his retirement.  He is currently a photojournalist and he also founded his company Randy Johnson Photography in 2015.

Alex Rodriguez

Rodriguez played in the MLB for 23 seasons. He was also one of the best players. He retired as a champion as he was a 3 time AL MVP. He also has one World Series Championship with the Yankees during 2009. Although he went through a lot including some scandals that led to a suspension for the 2013-2014 season. He still did great. After his retirement, he pursued a career as a sports analyst.

Adrian Cardenas

Cardenas did not have a long career in baseball. Although he managed to play just 45 games. He decided to leave the game for his own reasons. After that, he pursued writing. He went to school to study creative writing. Even though he was still at NYU, this young man had his poetry published and has written more work for New Yorker as well as CNN. He is doing great. There is nothing stopping him from playing best online slot machine games also known as meilleur machine a sous casino in French.

Doug Mirabelli

Doug had a great career in baseball. During his career, he won 2 World Series in 2004 and 2007. After his retirement, Mirabelli moved to the real estate industry and is doing great.


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