Effect of the Coronavirus on MLB

MLB like most sports has been shut indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak. Spring training as well the open day has been moved to later on in May. This is with the hopes that by then the virus will be under control.

As we await the return of the MLB, we have some questions that need to be answered. These questions have arisen due to the MLB season being postponed until further notice.

Number Of Games Played

According to sports betting newzealand, the reason why seasons run for a certain period of time is so that they are able to accommodate all the teams. However, since the games have been postponed to a later unknown date, the number of games to be played is unknown.

However, as soon as we have the open day, we will be able to know how many games will be played in the MLB 2020 season.

So far, we know that MLB wishes to play as many games as possible. It is their hope that they are able to the full 162 games even if it means the season has to run throughout November and December.

Will There Be A Fair Postseason Format?

Once a season is cancelled or moved, the general baseball games cause havoc on the league standings. With the 162-game season, this is usually sorted out naturally, however, the MLB may not have that luxury in 2020.

The MLB is so far trying to expand the postseason. To do so, they have recently floated the idea of seven postseason terms per league with a bet of three Wild card round.

However, as we said earlier since we are not sure how many games will be played, a fair postseason format is only a myth at the moment. Meanwhile, as we wait, we can always enjoy some best nz casino sites MLB themed slots. That way, at least you get to see some baseball action and win real money.



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