What are the big US lotteries, how can you buy tickets to be a billionaire from Canada

Naturally, people will try to attract luck in addition to money in their lives. For a very small entry fee, you will have the chance of winning a very huge lottery prize and try many things. That could be anything from travelling to all parts of the worlds, starting a new business and enjoying the financial freedom money provides. Put differently, the money will give you a choice and allow you to decide the direction your life should take.

But are you eligible to buy the tickets when in Canada and would you win one of the huge lottery jackpots? Is it possible to claim the prizes after winning? Fortunately, that is possible. The available records show that the $1.6 billion mega million draws are not limited to the Americans. You can win them from Canada or any other country if you have an internet connection.

That does not mean that you should play any of the mega jackpots. Before crossing borders, start by reading the laws of that state you are visiting. Some states do not sell lottery tickets and others have deadlines for purchase of any ticket. A quick example, Arizona Lottery Shops sell tickets at least two hours before drawing and those in many other states will sell them until 15 minutes before drawing.

Which are the biggest lottery jackpots to win?

If you have a fast internet connection, you can play almost any lottery from Canada. However, remember to read the terms and conditions before you try any lottery ticket online. After reading the rules, choose your winning numbers and wait to win. The two large jackpots that you can try from Canada include.

- USA PowerBall

The USA PowerBall has remained the biggest lottery game people in the USA play. The tickets are sold through many US lotteries because it is a shared pool game. The draw takes place each Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. Unlike other lottery games, the draw is usually a combination of a cash game and a jackpot game.

In the PowerBall draw, the operators draw five white balls form a small drum containing 59 balls, each bearing a number within the range of 1 and 59. They then draw another number from a drum containing 39 balls each featuring a number between 1 and 39. If the machine picks a number that matches all the 6 numbers on your PowerBall ticket, then you will win the jackpot prize. If no person wins, PowerBall adds the jackpot amount to the next draw. Any player who matches 3, 4 or 5 numbers will win a prize.

The game is played in 44 states and it has given out the largest Jackpots consistently in the history of the United States lotteries. In February 2006, eight employees from the Nebraska Meat plant won the largest PowerBall jackpot ever amounting to $365,000,000. You can buy PowerBall tickets online in Canada easily. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

- USA Mega Millions

Mega Millions has stood as the second-largest lottery game in the United States for many years. The $1 multi-jurisdictional lottery game is played throughout the country. Currently, it has better winning odds for players than PowerBall. The draw only takes place on Fridays and Tuesdays at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time and WSB-TV broadcasts all the draws live. At times, they conduct the draws from Times Square New York.

The rules of USA Mega Millions are similar to those of PowerBall. You will have to match five numbers on white balls and the sixth number on the Gold ball. After matching the six numbers, you will win the jackpot. Players who match 2, 3, 4, 5 numbers win handsome prizes. On March 2007, a New Jersey couple won $390 million. They decided to quit their jobs to start a new life. To win the Mega Millions of Jackpots when in Canada, you need to buy the online tickets through third parties.


If you plan to enter any other lottery apart from the Mega-Millions or Powerball games, check the rules before providing your information. United States lotteries are enticing gams that have continuously captured the attention and interest of millions of people from all parts of the world. The draw games have made many millionaires and multimillionaires since the first draws. You can play games and get your rewards when still in Canada. Also, you do not need to be a United States citizen to get the reward. Start buying your tickets online. 

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