The Good and the Bad - WWE Summer Slam 2018

The WWE Summer Slam has come and gone and it’s now time to separate the good from the bad.  The Roman Empire has continued to sparkle.  The masculine and humble guy, Roman Reigns walloped Lesnar in an intense Universal champion match in New York.

A thrilling night for Roman at Summer Slam proved that the latter is the man of his words and the encounter between him and the beast (Brock Lesnar) proved to be a worthy main event. Roman Reigns can now celebrate as their man who silenced Lesnar, who has not done much in his own path of the career recently. If he was an online gambler at casino-mate newzealand online casino he would be on a losing streak.

The Bad at WWE Summer Slam

However, on the other side of the ring, it was extremely a bad night for Dolph Ziggler. He was dethroned of the Intercontinental Gold title by Seth Rollins in a pulsating encounter. 

Elsewhere, the debacle between Daniel Bryan and The Miz escalated at the Summer Slam. Many were not surprised that the match was also lined up at the historical event.  The match between the two foxes was highly anticipated but it turns out to be a sombre one.  The crowd did not come to life with the performance but the two superstars wrestled each other until The Miz overcame the wrath of Daniel Bryan. Did you know some wrestling superstars also play online blackjack? Some even play at land-based casinos.

Moreover, the encounter between Jeff Hardy and Nakamura turned out to be very sour for one of the Hardy brothers (Jeff). It was all going well for Jeff until he climbed the ropes to do a Swanton Bomb on Nakamura.

The Swanton Bomb move betrayed Jeff after Nakamura avoided the extreme finish and there was a twist of fate. Jeff Hard heavily landed on the edge of the ring with his back and looked so upsetting thereafter. It was all doom not gloom for Jeff at Summer Slam as he was defeated by Nakamura in this single match.

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