Fearless Ways To Warm Up Your Living Room

Open concept floor plans in townhouses and new condos that are increasingly replacing starter homes have led a renaissance in minimalist interior design. For many new homeowners, modern simplicity, light, and breezy openness are replacing the Tuscan kitchens, granite countertops, pine furniture, and other design trends that fizzled out in the aughts. As condos and townhouses take up more real estate space, comfortable suburban styles are giving way to urban design choices that are better suited to a smaller square footage.
One of the biggest changes is the open concept kitchen-living room that just about every new owner under 35 (and every older down-sizer) will be familiar with. It’s a layout that encourages brighter spaces, more natural light, and minimalist furniture. If you’re looking for ideas to decorate a new condo or townhome with an open concept layout, these are some fearless ways you can bring out the best in your new home.


Start with Neutral Colours


A fresh, crisp base colour will help you create a tranquil, spacious feeling in tight spaces. A lot of designers are fans of the all-white room, but it’s not for everyone. Any subdued hue like greige (grey and beige), ecru, or creamy white will look great. If you have cooler LED or fluorescent lighting, you want your base colour to go warmer so that the space doesn’t feel too cold at night.


Embrace Minimalism


The one-in, one-out philosophy can keep you from feeling crowded in smaller living spaces. Smaller spaces are the new normal in cities across North America, but the one-in, one-out philosophy can keep your space from getting too cluttered. Never buy a piece of furniture that isn’t replacing something else. You can also practice this with books, records, or photos to keep your shelves from getting too cluttered.


Keep Clutter Down


Invest in your storage spaces or learn how to cull clutter fast. Nothing will get under your skin in a minimalist living room like unnecessary clutter. Get into the habit of throwing junk mail straight into the recycling, moving to electronic bills (if the company hasn’t already), and keeping your eye on the dining room table, always a magnet for clutter.



Natural Light


If there’s one thing to condo living, it’s the large windows and the view. You’re going to want curtains that take advantage of these assets and let in natural light. Sheer curtains are back in style thanks to the demands of open concept living. Sheer curtains provide privacy in condo towers where you might be facing several other high-rise buildings while letting the sunshine pour in. They are an especially welcome addition to rooms with waterfront views or other natural features. They’re not fussy and they fit well with minimalist furniture and neutral bases.


Light, air, and furniture that opens up your floor space are all the elements you need to feel comfortable and stylish in your new home. Be fearless about your interior design choices. And there’s at least one great upside to cutting down on your furniture: you can aim for quality over quantity. Be bold when you decorate your new space.

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