The Instant Pot - Yes you should buy one

Family of four. Make quick and easy healthy meals. Sing me up. I bought it on black Friday because it was a great deal and all I had to lose was $100. I've wasted more than that on a bad dinner so let's give it a try. My wife was skeptical at first... But she turned around.

The first this I tried was hamburgers in the pressure cooker. took 6 minutes under pressure and done. A lack of searing just made them a big thick peace of hamburg.. Onto recipe #2 Ribs. Fall off the bone ribs in 45 minutes... Recipe #3 Chicken breast from frozen with seasoning and rice. Amazing. Recipe #4 Spaghetti and Meat sauce all in the same pot.  Everything turned out wonderful.

My wife mentioned to me the greatest thing about the pressure cooker is that you don't have to stir, look at it. put in this stir, cover, repeat, stir, add this. You set it up like so:

Open the Instant pot on the Sautee function. Brown your onions and green peppers and then your ground beef. Poor in your tomato sauce or pre made sauce with seasoning. Add your pasta broken in 2 (we use gluten free pasta). Stir. Then add 1-2 cups of water.

Close the lid set the pressure cooker for 9 minutes. Then wait. "Set it and forget it"

1 pot meal. 1 pot to clean. Dishwasher safe.

Sign up to the instant pot recipe group on facebook and you will see roughly 400,000 other satisfied customers sharing their recipes...
Mathieu Blake

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