Bonus Hunting Casino Bonuses - is it still profitable?

If you never heard the term of casino bonus hunting before, it’s usually associated with players that hunt for bonuses for online casinos or it could extend to poker, betting on sports or any other topic really. Bonus hunting or bonus whoring is a term that refers to casino players that hunt for bonuses for the sake of profit. Bonus hunting has been around as long as online casinos have been offering bonuses.

So how does it work and how can you make money from online casinos?

Players should be warned that despite giving step by step instructions to players, most don’t follow them properly and end up losing their money.  For every 20 people that learn how to casino bonus hunt, maybe 1 will follow the instructions perfectly and be profitable while others either lose their money or by random chance they get lucky and win while ignoring all gambling strategies. The basic principles involve claiming of bonus money, usually signup or welcome bonuses, free spins or no deposit casino bonuses.

Always read the terms & conditions

Nobody likes reading the terms and conditions of anything but when it comes to bonus hunting, this is exactly what you have to do. Failure to do so could lead to winnings getting confiscated because you didn’t follow their terms which sometimes are designed to trap bonus hunters, especially ones too lazy to read the terms. It is very important you follow these steps:


      Find and learn the wagering requirements of the bonuses you will play

      Find either a list of approved games or disallowed games

      Ensure there are no other terms and conditions that limit bet size


The most common mistake new bonus hunters make is that they start playing on blackjack when most casinos don’t allow blackjack for signup bonuses. Another mistake is not counting your wagering and just trying to withdraw, doing this could trigger an automatic rejection of your withdrawal. It’s always a great idea to confirm the terms and conditions with a casino live chat agent and you can do the same before you make a cashout.



A quick tip in finding these hard to reach promotional terms and conditions pages, usually they will be at the very bottom of the website and called something like “terms and conditions” or something similar. Click on it and when you get the right page, it is usually a long page of text that’s not easy to read but only parts of it should pertain to you and the bonus. So one more tip is to use Control + F to search the page you are on and just search for keywords.

Where to find online casino bonuses

The best place to find these bonuses is at that lists casino bonuses and bonus codes. These types of casino websites do a few things for you. First they find all the best casino bonuses and exclusive bonuses available. Second, they only allow reputable casinos for showcasing their bonuses so if a casino has a bad reputation, their bonuses won’t be listed at all. These sites also have casino forums to protect players.


Life after Signup Bonuses

So usually a casino gives out only 1 signup bonus per player to attract new players. After you have collected all the signup bonuses from these list of casinos, what’s next? Usually the casinos will offer seasonal promotions like Halloween, Easter, Christmas or any special holiday worth celebrating. Also the more you play, the more loyalty rewards and bonuses you’ll get from the casino which will extend to birthday bonuses too. It helps to join newsletters so you can be sure to hunt down the next bonus when it becomes available.

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