Do you Need the Latest Tech to Keep Up with the Latest Games?

Keeping up with technology is hard today. Innovative features are rolled out so often that we often find it hard to decide whether it's the time to upgrade or we should wait for the next edition of our preferred smartphone or tablet to come out. But even if we wait, the differences between the current model we own, and the next one, might be minor, not justifying the price we pay. And we definitely don't need the latest smartphone to play the latest games.

A wide range of devices

The mobile games at are designed to run on the greatest variety of devices, in order to be able to reach the widest audience possible. The All Jackpots started to build its game library years ago, making it into the world of smartphones in the 2010s. Since then, the hardware hidden under the smartphones' hoods has evolved a lot, but there are still a lot of All Jackpots players using older, often outdated devices. They are valued customers, nonetheless, which means that the All Jackpots will always ensure they are always capable of enjoying their favorite games, no matter what devices they use, and how old they are.

Some developers are less considerate

Other game developers are maybe less user-friendly, and more focused on what their games have to offer. One example would be DeNA, a game developer that has recently launched a Star Wars themed tower defence game. Although I never expected the game to run on my faithful old tablet (it's a quad-core device with just 1GB of RAM), it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky with another game I looked forward to play - Legacy of the Beast, Iron Maiden's turn-based MMO. The game took forever to download and install, and froze after the first level. While the game worked per se, it didn't offer me an assessable gaming experience. And then there are those games that were built to look awesome on the latest devices, often serving as "selling points" for one or another. The best example would be Vainglory, built to showcase Apple's (then) fresh Metal API, that wouldn't have run on any device before the iPhone 6. If you plan to play such games on the go, you'd better invest in a hardware upgrade, or suffer the loss of gaming quality or experience.

In conclusion

Not all games are created equal. Some of them will offer their players the best possible experience on any device, others will only work well on the latest tech. Depending on what games you plan to play on the go, you might be in need of a hardware upgrade before you dig in.
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