My wife suggested I try juicing and this is what happened...

Yes it sounds a little frou frou. Juicing really? isn't that like drinking grass? As it turns out its much much more than that.

In the never ending race to be thin, stay thin, eat right. Cut sugar, cut carbs blah blah blah I just want pizzza... Juicing comes along.

Juicing vegetables in the morning is not easy. Wash/rinse the vegetables put them in the juicer. Wash the juicer. Drink the juice. It does take some doing. The juicer is $300 and it's never easy to clean no matter what they say. Just clean it right away and it will be easy-er. The vegetables are expensive. Yes but what is your body worth

What it does:

1. You get an immediate boost of energy. Like as if the nutrients are going directly where they need to go. The way coffee does but without the crash after. The high will last most of the day.

2. Your are more regular, less tired

3. You will feel better and have more energy

4. Your skin and hair will be softer and healthier.

Here are a few of the juicing combination drinks you can try. Yes one of them will smell bad. Just plug your nose and chug it.

Drink 1 : Kale celery cucumber orange 

Drink 2: Kale beet carrots apple 

Drink 3: Mint lemon kale cucumber celery

Happy Juicing

Mathieu Blake

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