10 Things That Ruin Casual Dating

It’s all very well to fall head over heels in love on the first date when you’re just a teenager, but adult dating involves a more measured, mature approach. Adult daters usually prefer to begin with casual dating even if they are looking for a life partner. As an adult, you’re aware that you’re probably going to meet quite a few ladies who could be described as Ms Nice but not for you before finding anyone you’d really be serious about. According to, mast men are expecting the same kind of approach from their dates and often overlook the warning signs that tell you things are going to get very complicated very quickly.

1.  Are you finished yet?

If she’s just putting up with you already, she’s probably only hanging around because she’s hoping you’ll settle down with her.

2. Declarations of love

If you haven’t known each other for very long or if you’ve been meaning to keep it casual, you should hear serious alarm bells. Don’t stick around!

3. She’s been making friends with your mom

You haven’t even decided if she’s a serious girlfriend yet and she’s already worming her way into the family circle. You need to beware!

4. I’m going out with your ex

Girls’ nights are always trouble and this one in particular is going to involve a lot of conversation about you.

5. How about a threesome?

You might like this idea to begin with – and then you realize – it’s not her and another woman that she’s thinking of, she’s got her eye on one of your friends. Although this means she isn’t serious about you, it could nevertheless become very complicated!

6. She says ‘Fine’ in ‘that’ tone of voice

No, it’s not fine. You know it isn’t. Conflict will ensue. Do you really want to go through with it? You’re dating casually to avoid just this kind of scene. You don’t have to put up with it if you don’t want to.

7. I created a blog just for us

This is frankly gooey. She definitely sees the two of you as being in a serious relationship. Do you? If not, the time has come to extricate yourself from this particular situation.

8. They’re playing our song!

Unless she’s actually joking, you are in deep water. If it’s ‘our’ song, then she thinks you’re ‘her’ man. If you’re not ready for exclusivity, you should back off at this point.

9. We should work out together, Chubby

Don’t do it. She’s trying to take over your lifestyle and of course, it’s ‘For your Own Good’. It won’t stop at gym. Another thing: those slightly insulting pet names are only going to get worse from here on in.

10. Hints about wedding plans

If she starts talking about the sort of wedding she’d like without you ever proposing, she’s definitely thinking of you as her potential bridegroom. Since you haven’t even hinted at marriage, this might be the sign of an absolute psycho.