Top 11 Signs She's Cheating

Thanks to dating sites like FlirtHookup, finding a girl to date may not be very difficult for men these days. However, people may not always be successful in relationships and might be cheated on by their partners. Here are the top 10 ways you can know if she is cheating on you:

1. She is always on her phone – if she is always on her phone, without any reason, it could be an indication there is someone else in her life. Hence, you need to be careful and make sure that she is not giving more time to her phone than you.

2. She needs a lot of privacy – if she suddenly needs a lot of privacy, chances are she is chatting on the computer or smartphone with someone else. If she craves a little amount of privacy once in a while it should be fine.

3. She considers you irrelevant to her – you may find that all at once, she doesn’t care if you don’t want to go to the ballet with her; she’ll just find somebody else with whom to go. And whatever opinion you may have, be it about how she looks or how you’re feeling, is met with a tepid response.

4. She is very secretive about her schedule - She may claim to no longer have time for any extracurricular activities with you, yet she has one foot out the door, the minute one of her girlfriends calls.

5. She always avoids your questions - If your wife or girlfriend starts avoiding simple questions that you ask her, there are high chances that she is hiding something from you.

6. She acts very defensive - If your woman is cheating on you she is afraid of getting caught; she will get defensive and anything you ask or say to her will be taken as an accusation.

7. She keeps nagging you - Gone are the days when the two of you could communicate with harmonious precision. Now, every sentiment you express sets her off and she finds any excuse to lash out at you.

8. She learned it from her parents – the children of parents who were unfaithful are likely to be unfaithful themselves. Hence, you should be careful when someone like that is in your life.

9. She has frequent night outs – it’s alright for her to go out with her friends for a night out once in a while but that should not be a routine practice.

10. She is easily irritated – if she is easily irritated regardless of whatever you say or do, she might be trying to look for a reason to get out of the relationship.

11. She suddenly starts talking to her exes – unless she is not happy with her current relationship, she will not have any reason to start talking to her exes all of a sudden.