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Ottawa Boy Entertainment And Creations
7 Dewberry Cres
Ottawa - Canada
Vergette Fitness
1345 Read St PO Box 68
Merrickville - Canada
Artisan Golf
Unit #3 - 215 Terence Matthews Crescent
Ottawa - Canada
Conversation Pieces
1 Cleopatra Drive - Unit 9
Ottawa - Canada
Warren's Total Golf
2-3009 Jockvale Rd
Ottawa - Canada
Kiko Sushi Bar
349B Preston St
Ottawa - Canada
Kettleman's Bagel Co
912 Bank Street
Ottawa - Canada
Kettleman's Bagel Co
912 Bank Street
Ottawa - Canada
The Health Club At The Fairmont
1 Rideau Street
Ottawa - Canada
Real Sports Bar & Grill Ottawa
90 George Street Ottawa
Latest Reviews
Love it
I love what they did with the place. Great food, Great beer and a perfect place to meet up with friends
Louis, February 29, 12
Not great
Attended last night. The server was good and the place looked nice. They even offered gluten free pasta which is a bonus. Their menu looks good. But only on paper. The Pasta was slightly over aldente and borderline crunchy. The steak was awful and the steak pasta was bad also. The saving grace were the scallop and antipasto apps. Overall not better than a 3/5. Their mains need a lot of work.
John, February 26, 12
Not what it used to be
Attended Hy's like I usually do for special occasions and this time I noticed that it wasn't what I remembered it. The service was not up to par with prior visits and nor was the food quality. I didn't feel like I got my money's worth.
Pat, February 13, 12
Great Place. Needs a few tweaks
The food was great. We shared the trio of meats and 3 sides for 29.99 and had a few Jack Daniel's to start. I HIGHLY recommend the Honey Jack with Diet Coke. Food and Service were all perfect. It was fairly cold in the restaurant and our table was in the walkway. Seems like they are squishing in tables. If you can sit on the inside of the walkway if not you might get bumped and... distracted from your evening. All in all Amazing food you have to try it. Love all the Sauces. great Gluten free options.
Jamie, January 22, 12
Great Wine Flights but
Great selection of wine flights. But the Cheese plate is stale and old. They haven't changed it in years. Same regular boring cheeses. How about bringing in something new, charge more. But something new. No one wants to spend 12-19 bucks for cheese they get at home.
Karim, November 21, 11
Great if you're hungry
Love this place. I love sushi but I don't love spending 50 bucks every time I go out for it. This place offers me the opportunity to pig out on a budget. I understand that the fish isn't top quality and they don't usually have the good tuna but for 23 bucks or so I can eat all I want... Always a great deal.
Andre, November 03, 11
About time
About time someone opens a southern BBQ place in Ottawa. I am a huge fan of pulled pork sandwiches so I went there for that, we had the sampler platter as well as the sandwich as the main. The Jerk Pork and Jerk chicken and ribs in the sampler are A1. I recommend splitting the small sampler for 2 and having anything as a main. You will not be disappointed.
Nicolas, November 03, 11
Perfect for kids
Brought the family, a 2 and a 7 year old. Way better for the kids than the Sens. I even had a beer and id didn't set me back. Got the wife to drive. The kids had more fun here and my wallet had money left over for two steak dinners. Will go back soon.
Louis, November 02, 11
Best spa around
Went here on a first date... It does not get more romantic than this. We had the cheese plate, a massage and did the baths for a few hours. Best part you don't need to talk. It's somewhat frowned upon :) Highly recommended to everyone.
Caroline, November 02, 11
Awesome club
Great Jazz club. I highly recommend it to everyone.
Sheryl, November 02, 11
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