5 cities to travel to the first chance you get

Allow us to take a guess at what’s on your travel bucket list . . . Chances are you've listed an exotic location or two, a famous place with a world renowned landmark, or a country you’ve been drawn to for a long time. 


Yet what about specific cities? If you don’t have cities on your travel bucket list yet, you’re about to thanks to our list featuring 5 cities from around the world to visit at least once in your lifetime. Even though the cities on our list can get busy and crowded, each one offers its own unique charm. Plus, they’re easily accessible through airports, train stations and road networks so it’s a win for visitors on every front. 

Plus if you enjoy visiting casinos, you're in for a treat! Every location on our list is known for its many casinos and vibrant nightlife that takes over the city once the sun sets. Until then, if you'd like to learn the ropes of any casino card games or slot, we suggest heading over to bgo.com to give their casino and online slots a try.

Mathieu Blake

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